Policing Rural Canada (2017)

Policing Rural Canada is designed to introduce readers to the challenges of policing the countryside. Rick Ruddell shifts the focus of policing from the urban to the rural. He describes the efforts and activities of the thousands of individuals working to ensure public safety in the countryside

Readers will learn about the characteristics and challenges of different organizations, both small and large, which work toward public safety throughout rural Canada. Police are only one among a large number of agencies—both public and private—that maintain the peace or enforce laws and that the traditional monopoly of the police on crime control is shrinking. There are a large number of officials who support the activities of the police and their roles are important in maintaining the peace, as such, the scope of the book includes Police, Partners, and Public Safety.

Authors:  Rick Ruddell
Publisher:  de Sitter Publications

Table of Contents:

Introduction: Policing Rural Canada
Chapter 1: Rural Crime
Chapter 2: A Short History of Rural and Small-town Policing
Chapter 3: An Overview of Canadian Policing
Chapter 4: Policing Rural Communities
Chapter 5: Confronting Traditional Models of Policing
Chapter 6: Aboriginal Policing
Chapter 7: Boomtown Policing
Chapter 8: The Thin Green Line: Protecting Canada’s Natural Resources
Chapter 9: Supporting the Police on the Borders, in the Arctic, and along the Coasts
Chapter 10: Protecting Critical Infrastructure
Chapter 11: The Future of Rural and Small-Town Policing

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