Making Sense of Criminal Justice, 3rd Edition (2019)

Policies and Practices

Rather than providing students with “the answers,” Making Sense of Criminal Justice: Policies and Practices, Third Edition, challenges them to think critically about how the criminal justice system deals with challenging situations – like the use of force by the police – and offers a framework for lively classroom discussions and debates. G. Larry Mays and Rick Ruddell

  • Encourages students to think critically about controversial issues like the death penalty and gun control
  • Examines the confluence of the criminal justice system, politics, and policy making
  • Engages students with an approachable writing style
  • Invites upper-level students to apply their pre-existing knowledge of police, courts, and corrections to specific points of interest
  • Stand-alone chapters allow professors to tailor the chapter order according to their needs

New to this Edition:

  •  Offers an expanded focus on evidence-based practices
  • A new Chapter 3, Understanding Criminal Justice Policy, provides more in-depth coverage of several policies and policy-analysis tools than the previous edition
  • Chapter 5, Police and the Use of Force, covers several of the high-profile cases involving the shooting of racial minorities (particularly African Americans) by the police in several locations
  • Chapter 9, Gender and Justice, expands on issues of violence against women, including responding to sexual assaults on campus and untested sexual-assault kits
  • Chapter 15, Security Versus Liberty in the 21st Century, considers questions of privacy versus the expanded use of surveillance techniques by governments at all levels
  • Provides revised and expanded Critical Review Questions for each chapter
  • Includes five suggested writing assignments for each chapter

Authors:  G. Larry Mays and Rick Ruddell
Edition:  3rd Edition
ISBN:  9780190679279
Publisher:  Oxford University Press

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